Chish and Fip have had a makeover!

Just a speedy little post to keep you all up to date with one of my WIPs, Chish and Fip and the Naughty Seagull.

I know there is a common phrase about killing your darlings, but is there a special term for when you chop them in half and stick them back together?

After sharing my draft with my wonderful editor Helen ( and a couple of friends, it was pointed out to me that although it was a unique idea to have Chish half chip and half fish, and Fip half fish and half chip, the story would work just as well if they were just a fish and a chip. Did you follow that alright? Bit of a tricky one. Which is why it makes perfect sense to simplify it for the younger audience too.

The plot is the same, the essence of the story is the same, just a few tweaks here and there make it all shiny, new and ready for submission.

If you want to know more about this title, take a look at this page. I am currently seeking representation and publication.

Chish with his spangly new legs!
So long, old Chish and Fip.


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