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Hi guys!

Rebecca here, a 23 year old graphic designer by day and aspiring author by night. I run another blog with my twin sister called Twincreatives that aims to offer advice on writing, book reviews, and a little about our journey to becoming published authors. This blog however, will be used to document my writing as means to practice and improve it. As the saying goes ‘The only way to get better at writing is to write’ so I shall be doing just that. 

I am hoping to take a very specific approach to my writing which I have designed to help me improve on an array of subject areas, including research, characterisation description and dialougue.

This approach unites my passions of history, printed ephemera, fiction writing and a little bit of shopping on eBay! 

So how does it work?

I shall be hunting around online for images from both the past and present that take my fancy, and I will use the people in them (strangers completely unknown to me) to write a short passage from their perspective. Some of these might turn into short stories, others may just stay as brief descriptive narratives.


My thoughts are that by doing this I can:

get into the head of someone else that is different to me in:

  • age
  • gender
  • culture
  • time period
  • and more.

improve on my research skills by acquainting myself with certain things such as:

  • the time period
  • the social context of the time.

learn how to develop detailed and convincing characters by creating:

  • a backstory for the character
  • their conflicts
  • their passions
  • their fears
  • their relationships
  • etc.

practice my writing in general by looking at things like:

  • what does the person see, smell & hear?
  • what does it feel like to be them at this particular point?
  • what happened before the photo?
  • what is going to happen after the photo?
  • what story could lie within the photo?

Fell free to have a read and let me know what you think! If you fancy having a go at writing using my technique and approach I would love to hear from you about how you find it.

Have a great day, Rebecca

PS. The name ‘Arranging the alphabet’ is derived from the very well-known fact that all writing is formed of the same 26 letters of the alphabet re-arranged to create truly compelling and immersive stories, characters and worlds – this I find totally fascinating!


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