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Welcome to Arranging the Alphabet, website and blog for author Rebecca Anderson (that’s me!)

Hello! I am a graphic designer, therapist in training, and an aspiring children’s author. Hoping to be the next Dr. Seuss, but will settle for a 5-star Amazon review from my mum as a starting point.

Me, 2019

Rainbow Moon Dog in Space

No matter how exciting space can be, Rainbow Moon Dog is lonely because he has no one to play with. When he is finally joined on the Moon by some very colourful characters – a pink-haired spaceman called Quiff and some playful Bog-A-Logs – he faces tail-wagging hellos, difficult goodbyes, and all the fun stuff in between. 

Coming May 2020

Windy Wonderpants: What if Farts Had a Shape?

Windy Wonderpants is sure that farts have a shape. What would the tooty ones, the squeaky ones and the hooty ones look like? Despite mummy telling him it’s a silly idea, Windy lets his imagination run wild.

Coming May 2020

Lolly McClooney: Lollipop Love (working title)

Lolly the clown NEVER lets go of his trusty lollipop – not even to do his clown tricks. So, when the worst happens and he accidentally leaves his lollipop on the bus, how will he manage without it?

Currently looking for agent representation

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